How it Works

Each week, farmers list available products on our marketplace website. When you place an order, our online system automatically sends a pick ticket to each of the farms you’re buying from. The farmers harvest and pack the orders then drop them off at one of our strategically located cold storage nodes. We take it from there.

Our refrigerated fleet picks up orders from the nodes then delivers to our central warehouse in Ukiah where our team packs individual orders for delivery, right to your door. It gets no fresher!

It goes like this:

We also partner with nearby food hubs within the California Food Hub Network, allowing us to offer a wider range of regional products and also help strengthen the network of small farms in our area.

All of our farms are Certified Producers. This means they grow everything they sell and are approved sources through the county agriculture department. They carry various levels of organic/regenerative/biodynamic certifications and follow all food safety practices.

Local Bounty, Delivered.