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We have specific windows for ordering and delivery. Home delivery orders can be placed every Friday from 9am through Sunday at 10pm. Delivery dates depend on where you are located. Some wholesale orders can be placed at different times during the week, depending on desired delivery date. Please check the ordering and delivery schedule here. 

Yes! As long as the delivery address is within our delivery zone, MendoLake Food Hub serves wholesale, restaurant, retail, and home delivery customers. We have applied for EBT/Market Match to create more equitable access to our products.

Food Hubs facilitate the transportation of food products from the farm to customers. They are an important link in the local food system because they provide small and medium-sized farmers access to larger or expanded markets. MendoLake Food Hub’s mission is to increase consumer access to local food while supporting the economic viability of small farms. We do this by maintaining an online shopping marketplace, as well as technical support and refrigerated structures so producers can easily and efficiently distribute their goods around Mendocino County and beyond.