Local Food Spotlights

  • Ocean Harvest Sea Vegetable Company

    Ocean Harvest Sea Vegetable Company

    On the final day of a five-day harvest, we had the unique opportunity to follow Terry d’Selkie, the dedicated owner of Ocean Harvest Sea Vegetable Company. The day was dedicated to harvesting Silky Sea Palm, a seaweed known for its young, supple blades that thrive along the West Coast of North America. Terry’s harvesting schedule…

  • Black Dog Farm

    Black Dog Farm

    Situated along the 101 between Willits and Ukiah in Mendocino County, Black Dog Farm (BDF) operates under the umbrella of Ridgewood Ranch’s School of Adaptive Agriculture. The farm thrives through the passionate efforts of its co-owner, Caroline Radice, whose journey from food service to farming showcases a unique blend of traditional farming practices and modern…